In this life we are constantly bombarded with negative commentary from all outlets – television, social media, magazines, etc. All provide about a million+, often contradictory, ways that we can be better, do better – and point out all the ways we are getting everything WRONG.

How we look.

How we eat.

How we act.

How we think.

It’s all bull****. It’s all lies. A bunch of crap force fed to you in order to make sales, increase viewers/followers/listeners, etc. We devour the propaganda without question, because we desperately want to perfect ourselves and our lives – preferably in the fastest, easiest way possible. Unfortunately, what the media doesn’t tell you is that regardless of what you buy, you will never be truly happy until you let go of all of the negative unnecessary crap infecting your heart and mind. It’s all useless. The only person on this earth that can decide what’s right for you is YOU. Who knows you better than yourself? Honestly? Nobody.

Stop doubting yourself! The only opinion that matters is your own – and if you are unhappy then it is up to you and only you to make the necessary changes – that includes those of us that suffer from mental illness. I am not by any means saying that you have to stand alone through your struggles, I’m simply saying that you are the only person capable of making the right decision(s) for yourself. You have to take the first step to get help in whatever form is right for you – seeing a doctor, counselor, going to meditation classes, etc. WHATEVER works for you works. All of the excess crap thrown at you through the endless outlets in todays society is nothing but noise. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for not following society’s norms and taking steps to better yourself.

Ending toxic relationships.

Seeking medical help.

Starting a fitness journey.

Changing your lifestyle.

Eating carbs.

Cancelling plans.

Focusing on yourself.

You are the only you on this Earth – take care of yourself. You are the master of your own life. It’s all you. How awesome is that?

The societal noise will never stop – but just because they are there doesn’t mean you have to listen. You don’t have to. I firmly believe that the only real thing that matters in this life is this: are you a good person? If so, then do what makes you happy. If not, then do what you have to in order to make amends.

You have the ability to shape yourself and your life in whatever way you see fit. The possibilities are limitless – you are limitless. You have the ability to make your dreams a reality. So what’s stopping you?

You are capable.

You are deserving.

You are strong.


Don’t be afraid to fight for yourself – you’re the only you there is. So be, unapologetically, you.