Little Adventures

“Think for a minute, darling: in fairy tales it’s always the children who have the fine adventures. The mothers have to stay at home and wait for the children to fly in the window.”
Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife     

I would say that isn’t entirely true.  Mothers we may be- we can and should still have our own adventures.  After all, we are still women, still individuals, still alive-life doesn’t end just because we have children.  It changes and begins again, but never ever ends.  Free time, I know, seems an impossible thing, but remember-there are small adventures to be had in every second of every day.  Not just the new experiences and surprises that come with motherhood that make it all worth while but the little moments we get to ourselves.  The trips (alone) to the store, the unexpected nap, the cup of coffee or tea, the shower lasting longer than two minutes, getting to wear something other than sweat pants or work attire, the great victory of actually finishing a book, going to the gym, having a date night, or even watching a movie uninterrupted to its end. 

I’ve decided to start this blog as my own little adventure, regardless of whether I am ever published, this is mine-my own adventure and outlet to express myself however I see fit.  And maybe, just maybe I can inspire some of you to have your own little adventures to.

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